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We will do everything we can to ensure that you feel welcome, comfortable and healthy as soon as you step through our door. Our mission is to create the best fitness experience possible so that you look forward to coming in to see us. This means extraordinary customer service, functional facilities and fitness professionals, who are not only experts in their field, but truly caring people too.

You may be asking yourself, where do I begin? The FREE Fitness Assessment appointment is a great start. We are providing appropriate recommendations by reviewing your health and fitness questionnaire and performing various assessments and measurements. The recommendations will be based on your individual needs to help you successfully reach your short and long-term lifestyle goals.

We look forward to servicing you along your journey to enriched health and well-being.


Palo Alto Fit Offering

We offer private one-on-one personal training session and our transformational VIP-Program. Our VIP-Program is based on a 3-Element approach with the goal of transforming our client’s mind, body, and diet. This program requires a minimum commitment of three months.

We also offer Meditation, Yoga, and Body Tune-Up classes to reduce your stress and increase your flexibility. Palo Alto Fit is your integrative health and wellness center. Our unique method of integrating several fitness and wellness modalities allows us to be a one-stop wellness place, specialized in a whole body approach to corrective, rehabilitative, preventative, and overall healthy lifestyle solutions. At Palo Alto Fit, we strive helping people to a healthier lifestyle.

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” Nina is not only my trainer now but also a Wellness Coach, a Friend, and a Mentor… I love my training time with her because it does not feel like training even though she surely will make me sweat like boot camp style! Nina has changed my lifestyle forever and taught me how to love the outdoors and how to live healthy outside the gym. I strongly recommend Nina! She is one of the best Wellness Coaches you could ever find! She will help you sculpt your body, live healthy, and be a happier person! No more boring gym sessions! “

Berlina M., Los Gatos, CA

” Nina is the best! She’s extremely competent and experienced, but even more importantly is her ability to inspire! She makes you really want to improve your well-being by way of quality work-out, diet, work/life balance,… “

Niklas K., VP R&D

” When I initially contacted Palo Alto Fit, I was in a type of fitness and diet limbo. I did not have the tools or knowledge to reach my goals of losing weight and gaining strength.  Nina enthusiastically helped me fine-tune my goals and create a plan that encouraged lifelong skills and habits that were realistic. Nina created a personalized eating plan for me to eliminate the guesswork of what to eat. Our work outs are my favorite part of the week…I’ve lost about 13 lb and 6 inches from my waist. Most importantly, I’m feeling great with lots of energy…”

Mari R., Palo Alto, CA

and Fun.

About Us


  • Fitness is a combination of education, motivation, and commitment.
  • Exercise should be effective, challenging, and fun!
  • Everyone is different, so training should be personalized.
  • Nutrition plays a major role in health and fitness.
  • No matter your age or fitness level, YOU can reach your goals!
  • Our personal trainer bring knowledge and experience, a positive attitude, and great communication to every personal training session to make it EASY for you to reach your goals!


At Palo Alto Fit, we provide personal training and consulting services in the field of health, fitness, and nutrition. Our personal trainer palo alto work with individuals or small groups who want to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their health and well-being. We adapt our training to your schedule, goals, age, and fitness level, so we can help you whether you’re looking for a fitness boot camp or whether you just need help tweaking your diet and lifestyle for optimal health! We work with kids, adults, and people from all different fitness backgrounds. We help our clients to find the right motivation and tools to reach their personal health goals.

Our Process

Personal Trainer Palo Alto Fit Process

The process of the personal training session is based entirely on the goal that you are interested in setting. The personal trainer palo alto priority is to facilitate a discussion to understand the reason that you chose to come to the session, the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving a desired goal, and mapping out a plan to be able to achieve that goal in a healthy way.

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Our Studio

Personal Trainer Palo Alto Fit Studio

It’s a large and modern building with attractive features: large windows all around overlooking a quiet park, with indoor and outdoor training possibility, private parking garage, and shower and locker room. It is operated on an appointment-only basis for one-on-one personal training allowing full privacy and attention for each individual client. The facility is equipped with all functional fitness gear necessary to help clients reach their fitness goals. Our building is centrally located and is close to Mountain View, Los Altos, and Menlo Park.

At Palo Alto Fit we aim providing a clean, comfortable and fun fitness environment. We provide layers of professional guidance so you’re equally comfortable with a plan to reach your lifestyle goals.

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Our Team

Personal Trainer Palo Alto Fit Team

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The Fitness Assessment is one of the most effective tools to help you oversee the BIG picture. What does this mean exactly? You need to look at all the possible benefits of incorporating fitness into your new healthy lifestyle and determine which are most important to you.

There are countless roads that can lead you to your destination and the Fitness Assessment is your customized exercise program to get you there. By collecting and reviewing quantitative and qualitative data from the past and present, we will provide effective and sustainable ways to achieve personal success for your short and long-term goals. Think of your Fitness Assessment as the road map to your future lifestyle.

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