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ARX adaptive resistance exercise

Do you have 10 minutes this week for exercise? Just 10 minutes…ONCE a week.

Who doesn’t have a busy family life and/or work schedule? The main reason that many of us don’t get enough exercise is because we can’t find the time. Yet, we all want to be healthy and we all want to be in good shape. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a week’s worth of exercise in one, EFFECTIVE, 10-minute workout!

Conventional exercise methods have been transformed. ARX (Adaptive Resistance eXercise), is a profound evolution in exercising!


ARX adaptive resistance exercise Palo Alto Fit
ARX adaptive resistance exercise Palo Alto Fit
ARX adaptive resistance exercise Palo Alto Fit
ARX adaptive resistance exercise Palo Alto Fit

Where Fitness, Science, and State-of-the-Art Resistance Technology come together!



ARX adaptive resistance exercise

ARX equipment can precisely accommodate force output, continuously measure it and adjust the resistance throughout the entire range of motion. ARX equipment gives clients an intense and quick workout that will take four – seven days in which to recover, with most workouts consisting of three different exercises lasting about two minutes each. The science-based technology makes it possible for the body’s muscles to reach new levels of exertion quicker and more efficiently than with other workouts; this is the reason for the long-lasting results.

ARX is equipped with a computer-driven, motorized belt system to achieve fitness goals. The use of these motor mechanisms makes it possible to provide “adaptive resistance”; a form of resistance applied to the user of the machine in response to their own effort. The users are constantly challenged to the absolute maximum of their capacity throughout the workout.

ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise Palo Alto Fit


  • Track Improvement
  • Diagnose Recovery
  • Motivate Visually
  • Tailored Programs


  • Concentric, Eccentric, Static
  • Upper & Lower Body
  • Compound and Isolation
  • 15+ Exercises


  • Motor and Drive-belt System
  • Adapts to Any User
  • No Weight, No Danger
  • Matched Resistance


The ARX machine is equipped with 15 adaptive exercises and an amazing interface. The machine is software driven with incredible features that provide you with a completely customized program, instant feedback, precise quantifiable progress, trend-tracking and recovery diagnoses. ARX records your sessions so that weekly progress is tracked using easy to read color displays. ARX establishes a “green zone” based on maximum performance which will encourage the user to hit this zone with every rep. The workout is over when the “green zone is no longer achievable.

The conventional method of static weight-lifting is time-consuming since you must choose the appropriate weight and then perform multiple sets and repetition to cause the muscle damage and healthy stress which is the basis for effective weight training. To successfully work out all your muscles, you must go to the gym several times a week. Who has time for that?

ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise Palo Alto Fit Effective


  • Full-Body Workout in 10 Mins
  • One Machine
  • No Adjustments
ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise Palo Alto Fit Efficient


  • Perfect Rep., Every Time
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Maximize Strength
ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise Palo Alto Fit Safe


  • No Weights
  • Controlled Speed of Motion
  • Stop At Any Time

In 10 Mins the most INTENSE Workout you ever Experienced!



There is no need to set the resistance while using ARX adaptive resistance exercise; the machine applies perfect opposing resistance in direct proportion to what the user is producing at each moment in time. The machine moves the handles at the selected speed during the positive and negative regardless of how hard a user exerts. The difficulty is determined entirely by the user, whose effort is measured and displayed by the software in real time.

The speed of the motor can be adjusted at any time using the handheld controller. The fastest speed permits a concentric phase of 2-4 seconds and an eccentric phase of 2-4 seconds. The slowest speed permits a concentric phase of approximately 30 seconds and an eccentric phase of approximately 30 seconds. There are 10 possible speeds in all, and the other speeds that fall between these two end points are available at any time. Speeds can also be changed “on-the-fly” by the trainer to allow for say, a 30-second concentric followed by a 3-second eccentric.


  • Belt Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Calf Raise
  • Pulldown
  • Chest/Overhead Press/Fly
  • Compound Row
  • High Pull
  • Triceps Pressdown
  • Biceps Curls
  • Hamstring Curl
ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise Palo Alto Fit Omni


  • More Results In Less Time
  • A True, Whole Body Workout in 10 Mins
  • 1-on-1, Personalized Training, Every Session
  • Resistance Adapts to You 100%
  • Unparalled Safety, No Injuries
  • Real Time Software Progress Tracking
  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat Loss
  • Increase Bone Density


Recovery time between workouts can be just as important as the workout, itself. The muscles have to be given enough time to repair themselves before you damage them again by working out. On the other hand, if you wait too long between workouts, you’ll be missing opportunities to improve your performance. Literature sometimes disagrees on the best intervals between workouts – a matter complicated by the fact that they can vary from person to person. ARX adaptive resistance exercise tunes itself to your own unique rhythms and will be able to tell you precisely when it’s time to train again, and when it’s time to rest.

The two phases of dynamic muscle action are the concentric phase and the eccentric phase. The concentric phase, also known as the positive phase, occurs when a muscle or group of muscles shorten as they contract. The eccentric phase, also known as the negative phase, occurs when a muscle or group of muscles lengthen as they contract.

All your skeletal muscles are much stronger during negative contractions. They have a greater capacity to produce force while they are lengthening under tension than while they are shortening under tension; your muscles are under greater tension when you are resisting force than when you are producing force.

Because force production and mechanical tension on the muscles are the “active ingredients” of strength training, it is important to allow the muscles to reach their full force-producing potential in the negative phase of movement. This is the key to ARX equipment; full tension on your muscles both positively AND negatively. This form of adaptive tension is impossible with gravity-based weights.

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(Amazon Book)


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