Five Reasons to Stop Weighting Yourself Everyday

Jan 31, 2017

Losing weight can be difficult. You will have to stop so many things, like eating your favorite food and also calling it quits with other things that you like. You’ll want these efforts to yield fruits, and this will make you start weighing yourself every day to track your progress. The results may inspire you until one day you find yourself heavier by 10 pounds making your efforts look wasted.

You probably got discouraged because you were weighing yourself too much and thought your efforts weren’t matching up with the results you’re getting. Below are five reasons why you should stop weighing yourself every day.

#1: You’re confusing weight loss with fat loss

A lot of people usually confuse weight loss with fat loss. While losing weight isn’t much of hard work, losing fat is more difficult. Fat loss also depends on a lot of factors, and also takes more time to achieve. When you lose weight, you lose other components too that make up your weight and how much of these components you lose depends on how obese or thin you are. This means that you can drop weight regularly but losing actual fat may take time.

#2: Your changing glycogen can cause massive weight swings in either direction

Your body weight can fluctuate by a great deal on a daily basis – sometimes up to a few pounds. This fluctuation is usually caused by a change in the level of glycogen in your body. Changes in glycogen level are normal, and while they can make it look like you’re achieving results with your weight loss program, it isn’t usually the case.

#3: You’re retaining water due to your salt intake

Salt also known as sodium is associated with water retention, and it is the job of your kidneys to expel unneeded salt out of your body. You’ll be temporarily be holding onto extra water until your kidney can do that. If the amount of water and sodium you take changes habitually, you’ll be holding onto differing quantities of water, which will cause fluctuations in your daily weight. So if your salt intake is high, expect to experience a temporary weight gain – this does not indicate that your efforts are in vain.

#4: Your muscle gains are outweighing your fat loss

If weightlifting is part of your strategy to burn fat, then you’re on the right track – as it is a great way of protecting and preserving muscle loss as you lose fat from your frame.

But if you’re entirely new to weightlifting and you’re pushing yourself hard, the reading on the scale may surprise you instead of impressing you. Your weight might not go down. It will go up because as you’re losing fat, you are replacing that weight with muscle. Although your body fat percentage will go down, your weight may not go down. This is another major reason why you should weighing yourself every day.

#5: You’re weighing yourself under different condition at different times of the day

The scale will deceive you if you weigh yourself at different times of the day without being consistent. There are a lot of things that influences the weight. Things like food and water increase the body’s weight during the day. These foods and drinks also produce wastes which contribute to weight gains. You can also experience weight loss during the day if you have just finished exercising. This is because the body has lost a lot of body fluid through sweats.

So instead of letting the scale scare you, look for consistent gradual changes in your weight every 2 – 4 weeks. Also get your body composition analyzed and track your body fat percentage. This is because the different elements that make up your weight can fluctuate for various reasons.  Checking your weight by tracking your body composition is a better way of determining how you’re meeting your aims.