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Massage Therapy Palo Alto Fit

Palo Alto Fit offers an experience unlike other massage center. The difference in our service starts with our personal trainers, who have extensive knowledge, which allows them to offer a truly therapeutic experience. Whether you would like to recover from exercise, stress, or injury. Massage Therapy Palo Alto Fit will revitalize you mentally and heal you physically.

Get a FREE Mobility Assessment (separate 45 mins appointment) from our personal trainers to identify which muscles are shortened (tight), which we need to stretch and which muscles are lengthened (weak) and need to be strengthened. Let us help you to correct your muscle imbalance to relief your joint pain.

At Palo Alto Fit, our personal trainer and massage therapist communicate with each other ensuring that you have the best experience no matter who you see. Benefiting from another service is a simple process, as the communication continues throughout each department, ensuring you always have a consistent experience.

Massage Therapy Palo Alto Fit Modalities

At Massage Therapy Palo Alto Fit we offer many types of massage. Our certified and experienced therapist work as experts in their field and know the proper techniques to use to ensure you the best results from your session.



Sport Specific


Deep Tissue


Orthopedic Rehabilitation





Massage Therapy available Monday to Friday 8AM-7PM and Saturday 8AM-2PM

Please call 650-441.0347 to schedule your appointment.

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