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Yoga Palo Alto Fit

Yoga isn’t just about Yoga anymore more but about effective approaches towards physical, mental, and social health. We are not a regular Yoga Studio we specialized in adding Yoga into our VIP-Member’s lifestyle through classes, workshops, and private lessons.

Yoga Palo Alto Fit VIP Class – Sunday Morning

When: Sunday’s
Time: 09:00-09:50 AM with Dr. Clifton (Yoga / Meditation)
Time: 10:00-10:50 AM with Elena (Yoga)
Who should attend: All levels

Alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. Traditional postures are held in accurate alignment. Emphasis is placed on flexibility, balance, core, and strength as well as concentration and breath control.

Yoga Palo Alto Fit 101 – Workshop (2 hours)

This class is designed for first time Yogis. It’s the right class for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a group where everyone is new. The teacher will give you some background on Yoga while you’re seated, but come prepared to move. You’ll walk out feeling embodied, empowered, energized, and eager to come back.
This workshop is geared towards being relaxed and informal where you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like throughout. No previous Yoga experience is needed – just bring yourself and some comfortable, stretchy clothes.

Yoga Palo Alto Fit Beginner Workshop (4 Weeks)

This is a workshop for individuals who already engage in an active lifestyle and are looking to add yoga in. You will have class twice weekly in a private environment (max 10 attendees). This 4-week series is perfect for those new to Yoga. Learn what Yoga is, foundational yoga postures and alignment, breathing practice, basic Yoga “lingo”, meditation, deep relaxation, and basic Yoga teachings.

The workshop will start with the basics of what Yoga actually is and the ancient philosophy behind it. A chat about the different styles of yoga will be followed by a practical primer in all the key groups of yoga postures including standing poses, forward and back bends, twists, sun salutations, and simple inversions. You will also learn about alignment, how to work towards experiencing ease and stability in your poses and the importance of the breath – its effect on your practice and using it as a simple way to start meditating.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to take your new yoga knowledge and begin a home practice, and/or comfortably step into a basic class at the studio

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