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Sports Performance & Head Coach


  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Athletic Development
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Sport and Performance Nutrition
  • Functional Movement


  • ALTIS Accredited, Performance Therapy Specialist
  • OPEX CCP L1, Movement specialist
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • B.A.
  • MS Kinesiology
  • EXOS Performance Specialist
  • Bioforce Conditioning Coach
  • Crossfit L1
  • NSPA Program Design Specialist, Sports Nutrition Coach, Speed and Agility Coach


There isn’t a sport that John hasn’t played, from football, basketball, to track and field, he’s done it all. But he quickly learned that to gain an edge on the field, there would have to be even more commitment, off the field.

After college football, training became John’s new passion, as he found himself fascinated with the ability to establish a physical training program with predictable results. Clients come to John who have competitive aspirations or when they have fought for the next level but keep coming up short. His philosophy towards coaching is relatively simple. He meets his clients where they are at and nudges them forward to win. Not only does he dial in every client’s training individually, but he also does so with their nutrition. Because no two clients have the same training age, biological age, injury history, training history, athletic background or even lifestyle, he believes no two clients should ever be coached the same.

He’s been the Head Performance Director at Core Performance (formerly Velocity Sports), as well as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Division 2 Academy of Arts where he coached athletes to multiple state and national titles including Olympic Qualifications.

He has completed an apprenticeship with the premier Sports Performance center ALTIS, as well all three of EXOS’s Performance Mentorships on top of mentorships with leading experts in various fields.


When John is not coaching or consulting with clients from around the world, he finds himself training and competing in high level crossfit competitions, enjoying a great book (he tries to read one per week), traveling around the world, eating new foods, teaching or attending various conferences on the areas of interest to him.