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Weight Loss Palo Alto

Lose Weight

Gain Strength

Improve Endurance


The Palo Alto Fit VIP-Program isn’t all about exercise! To get the most from your workouts, you have to be willing to make changes to your lifestyle. We’ll walk you through every step of the Program, but you’ll have to put in the effort yourself!

Most people don’t realize that losing weight and keeping it off requires a lot more than just a few additional gym visits per week. With our signature VIP-Program, we’ll show participants that the recipe for success is 100% commitment to their program of 30% Exercise, and 70% Nutrition focus. This weight loss palo alto fit program requires a minimum commitment of three months.


Weight Loss Palo Alto
Weight Loss Palo Alto


Your personal trainer will ask you to define your VIP-Program goals for your health, your body, and your life. We will assess your current health and body and discuss what you’re unhappy with and what you’d like to improve.

Once we know your unique, individual goals, we’ll help you plan the right steps needed to achieve the future you want. You and your personal trainer will design your personal plan with achievable, measurable milestones.

This is a very important step in the weight loss palo alto fit program towards making your vision a reality!

Create your vision statement

Build your success plan

Track your progress

Change your lifestyle


This is an effective tool to help you visualize the BIG picture. By reviewing quantitative and qualitative data, we can develop an effective and sustainable program built just for you.

Achieving your goals will be more likely if the program is suited to your personal assessment.


Heart Rate

Blood Pressure

Functional Movements




Body composition analysis is essential to completely understand health and weight. Going beyond your bathroom scale, body composition analysis breaks down your body into three components: Muscle mass, Fat, and Water.

Our InBody body composition analyzer is the most advanced and accurate Bioelectrical Impedance device on the market.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

Basal Metabolic rate

Segmental Lean Mass Analysis

Body Composition Tracking

Reassessment every 3-4 weeks



You’ll meet privately with your personal two or three times a week. We will work with you to train your body to become stronger, leaner, and healthier!

Workouts are personalized to you, your body, and your lifestyle goals; all workouts involve a combination of mobility, balancing, strength training, and cardio.

Exercise 2x or 3x a week with your personal trainer

Lose fat, gain muscles, and get toned

Increase strength, flexibility and endurance

Be confident in you own skin!


Your training programs are customized, balanced, challenging, and fun. The training program will be adjusted every four to six weeks based on your progress level and goals.

Our strength program promotes muscular strength and endurance for functionally important movements and balance in your musculature to enhance joint stability and posture.

Posture exercises will enhance the structure of your body and cardiovascular exercises are the foundation of fitness and health.

Proper Form






Did you notice that the Lifestyle and Diet element is actually MORE important than the workout element in our weight loss palo alto fit program? Well, it’s true! Great abs are made in the kitchen.

We will help by showing you what foods to eat and when to eat them.

You’ll reduce your sugar consumption and transition to a healthy meal plan (Don’t worry, you will have a ‘cheat day’ once per week).

Evaluate your current diet

Get personalized nutrition coaching

Develop healthier eating habits

Become leaner and more energetic!


We provide customized 1:1 nutrition coaching. Your personal nutrition coach will provide individualized and science-based solutions that are realistic for your lifestyle.

By providing phone or video conferencing coaching, we are able to hold your accountable wherever your hectic schedule may take you. You can also reach out to your nutrition coach any time for additional questions.

Nutrition 1:1 Coaching bi-weekly

Nutrition Concierge access every day

Analyze habits and diet

Lasting changes


All of our customized Meal Plans balance the five factors: Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamin & Minerals, and Water and they fall within the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range outlined by The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, as referenced in the Dietary Reference Intakes.

Remember, there are no bad foods, just healthier ones to eat regularly. Weight loss requires a commitment to change your lifestyle. Keep up the exercise as it increases your metabolic rate and helps maintain your muscles, which burn more calories than body fat does.

This is key to be successful in our weight loss palo alto fit program.

The right amount of the right things

The right number of calories throughout the day

Don’t take in an excess amount

Eliminate the monotony

Make sure you’re getting all of the essential nutrients