Golf Assessment

For beginners, intermediate, and advanced Golfers.

Welcome to your first step to better understand where you are now and define where you want to be with your golf game. This is for all age groups and skill levels. Palo Alto Fit we believe in fact-based instruction. In order to swing better and play better, you need to have your swing analyzed and your equipment measured by golf professionals that know what to look for. Once you have this valuable information, your coach can recommend a customized golf lesson plan or equipment changes so you can reach your desired goals.

Golf Swing Evaluation

Elements of the Golf Assessment

Your golf assessment will last around one hour. Bring your full set of clean golf clubs to the assessment or if you are a beginner we will provide you with clubs. Wear comfortable clothes and we recommend golf shoes or tennis shoes. 

The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is determined by your unique body. This screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, mobility, and current health. After the assessment is complete, the results are used to create a plan designed specifically for you. The plan may include physical training, nutrition, mental strategy, or all of the above.

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Physical Screening 

The correct grip and stance influence your entire golf swing sequence. The physical screen identifies any limitations in your body that may affect your swing. The screen is simple, painless, and fast, but is a foundational step for your golf training journey. 

The only way to enjoy golf is to see where you are today and make a personalized plan to correct your swing flaws.

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The Kinematic Sequence 

The golf swing is a connected four-part sequence that involves your pelvis, thorax, arms, and the club. When any of those get out of sequence bad things happen. Learn about how these four parts work in sequence, and see which parts of your swing are out of sequence so we can make a plan for corrections.

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Swing Analysis  

As you get started, your coach captures video of your current swing and ball flight data from the launch monitor is displayed on screen. Your golf swing evaluation identifies common swing faults. Some of the most common faults include poor grip, swing path issues, early extension, early release, bad balance, and ball position errors during setup. Many of these errors can be corrected in minutes. 

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Review Your Golf Goals 

After your golf swing evaluation you’ll have clarity on where you are and the first steps to getting closer to where you want to be. At a minimum, most people want a functional swing so they can enjoy the game. No matter how modest or lofty your goals, we can make a plan to get you there. 

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Golf Swing Evaluation

Your Custom Game Plan 

Based on what you discovered in your golf swing evaluation and your goals, your coach works with you to build a custom game plan. The plan includes what areas you’ll work on first and the frequency of your lessons and practice sessions. 

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