Golf Lessons

Personalized training for all ages and skill levels

Golf Lesson Palo Alto Fit

Learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience if you don’t have a clear plan. We provide you with a clear curriculum and milestones. Our golf lesson will motivate you to learn and develop new skills and provide tools to track progress and goal setting. We are a full-service indoor golf studio located in the heart of Palo Alto providing personalized instruction and practice for all ages and skill levels. Using state-of-the-art Trackman simulators and high-speed video analysis featuring ball, club head, and swing data, our goal is to provide a tailored golf program to fit the specific goals of each individual.

Modern Golf Training

Modern Golf Training

Now amateurs can experience the same level of golf training as tour players. Using the same indoor simulators as the pros in combination with specific fitness training, our instructors can quickly fit you into a swing that works with your body type and fitness level. After we get you into a  functional swing, we work with you to keep improving in all areas of your golf game journey.

Learn and Set Goals

Using video your coach captures your progress and reviews it with you. Together you set new goals and set up a practice plan you can use after your lesson.

Train Your Skills

As your swing progresses you’ll advance and learn a variety of techniques and strategies to get the most out of each club in your bag.

Play Golf

Play real golf courses on our realistic simulators and get comfortable before venturing out onto an outdoor course.

golf lesson palo alto fit

State of the Art Golf Technology

Trackman launch monitors are the preferred training simulators pro golfers use – and for good reason. They provide pinpoint accurate data for important metrics like swing speed, path, launch angle, face contact, and more. Trackman gives you and your trainer the critical real-time feedback needed to make efficient adjustments so you can get you out on the course faster.

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Golf Lesson Palo Alto Fit

Real-Time Golf Swing Feedback

With two high-speed cameras recording both front and down the line views of your swing we can quickly identify the swing flaw and implement a corrective drill. You may feel like you’re completing a full turn in your backswing, but the camera will show you’re only getting a quarter turn in. You might not be getting enough depth in your backswing which is forcing you into an over-the-top swing path. We see exactly what you’re doing and start correcting it immediately.

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Bring the Course Indoors

When you train using our indoor golf bays you can practice and play on hundreds of real courses from around the world. Want to practice your green side chipping at Pebble Beach? No problem. Not only can you experience the lifelike beauty of these amazing courses, but you can also practice with purpose and get feedback about each swing as you play or practice.

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Train Like the Pros

Great golfers don’t just hit the range for swing practice. They train their body to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, and stability. A lot of amateur golfers get “stuck” in their golf game because their body can’t perform the way it needs to for best results. Golf does not take great strength, but it does demand a certain degree of mobility and a lot of balance. PA Fit has specific physical training programs designed to complement your golf training.