Small Group Class Training

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Small Group Training Palo Alto Fit

Are you looking for a fitness solution that is somewhere in between personal training and group classes? Small Group Class Training might be the right fit for you. Our small group class training combines the safety and community feeling needed for functional strength and conditioning training.

Small group class training sessions consist of 2-8 people. Group classes focus on strength and conditioning only and are not designed for corrective exercise or sports performance training. 

To be sure that you are the right fit for this program, we offer a free fitness assessment which includes a fitness test, at which time we will determine if you qualify for group training.

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What is Small Group Training? 

Every class includes 15 minutes of strength and conditioning with 10 minutes of warm-up and cool-down. Monday through Saturday will have three different full body and core strength exercises on a four-weekly cycle. The cardio training is always varied, challenging, and fun.

Each month will focus on a new strength, conditioning, and mobility area and goal. Each small group class training session will include a dynamic warm-up, mobility drills, glute/core activation, functional strength training, and a cool-down.

Every training session is designed to improve strength, body composition, and metabolic conditioning.

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Why Small Group Training at PA Fit? 

Our small group class training workouts are high energy, exhilarating, and challenging. Get ready to burn calories, increase your strength, and transform your body.

Whether you are new to working out or experienced with fitness training, small group training brings energy, safety, and support for a fun and effective workout. 

  • Max. 8 Clients Per Training Group
  • New Programming Every Four Weeks
  • Exercise Progression Suited to Your Fitness Level
  • Customized Program Variables for Each Client