Virtual Training

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Virtual Personal Training Palo Alto Fit

Live Video Remote Personal Training 

Workout from your home with our professional Personal Trainers online. A 30 or 50-minute Live Video Personal Training session gives you the interaction and connection of face-to-face training, but in the comfort of your home. If you have equipment, we can incorporate it into your training. However, don’t worry if you do not. Most of our workouts are geared towards bodyweight and functional training that utilizes minimal equipment.

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What is Live Video Training? 

One of our Certified Professional Personal Trainers will show you the exercise movements in real-time using Zoom. You work virtually one-on-one with your personal trainer each session to ensure a great workout. During your session, you’ll complete your program for the day and ask any questions during the 30 or 50-minute session. The video virtual personal training can be conducted with your cell phone, tablet, or laptop.