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About Nina

Nina is the founder of Palo Alto Fit in 2015, which is the culmination of a distinguished career in fitness. She began her fitness journey at age four with the study of Tae Kwon Do, she competed in a variety of martial arts competitions as a teenager and qualified for the Vietnamese Olympic Tae Kwon Do team at the early age of 15. She won several championship title in Karate, won the Miss Body Fitness Asia tile in Singapore in 2005 and has won several national championships in the United States in Kung Fu and Muay Thai.

Nina developed the vision for PA Fit when she was working for Stanford University the School of Medicine and Stanford Athletic Department. She has designed a holistic wellness program that can be tailored to clients individual fitness goals and ability. PA Fit expanded operations to a 10,000 square feet functional training facility in 2019 where clients work with expert trainers to reach their personal goals.

Nina’s fitness advocacy extends overseas. She founded ‘’I love Wellness International” in 2010. The non-profit organization promotes wellness education and provides playground equipment to underprivileged children.