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Get inspired by this 19 year old and her incredible 70 lbs weight loss transformations in just 7 months.

Bringing back your healthy body won’t happen in days, weeks or months. It will take time. It will be a tough journey. But in the end, it will all be worth it. Congratulations to Sam! 50 lbs weight lost in just 6 months training with PA Fit.

Her journey of a thousand miles begins with Palo Alto Fit. It’s a lifestyle change. Lost 70 lbs and stills in the making. We are so proud of your accomplishment and so inspired! Congratulations

Congratulations to Tony! Successfully achieved 53 lbs weight loss in just six months of consistent training with Palo Alto Fit.

10 weeks since Tom signed up for the VIP Personal Training Program with Palo Alto Fit. He lost 22 lbs so far! Tom says “I don’t even recognize the guy in the before photos. I’m shocked and amazed every day of this journey” – Before: 242 lbs. After: 220 lbs

I lost 43 lbs in four months. Nina helped me to change my lifestyle and relation to fitness and nutrition.

- Renee H.

I set myself an ambitious goal with several milestones. After eight months working with Nina I lost 120 lbs which was truly life-changing for me.

- Carla R.

I was working very hard on adapting my diet and trained three times per week with Nina. Finally, after six months I reached my six-pack goal!

- Andy D.

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