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At Palo Alto Fit, we have designed an integrated youth sports performance program. As with our adult programs, our Personal Trainer performs a comprehensive sports performance assessment with our young client first. The result is an individualized program that is progressive, proprioceptive challenging, stresses multiple plans of motion, integrates multiple joints when possible, challenges the entire contraction velocity spectrum and as sports specific as possible.


The integrated focus of our professional staff can help maximize youth athlete’s potential improvement with their strength, speed, power, and agility. In addition, we have the resources to identify those keys components of nutrition, hydration, and biomechanics to deliver the most comprehensive program available while reducing the incidence of injury.

Our certified strength coaches, along with our corrective therapists, and nutritionist, offer the most integrated and comprehensive sports performance programming available to athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Youth Training
Youth Training


Before young athletes start resistance training, they must have basic movement skills and proper static and dynamic postural mechanics. These abilities will need to be developed, especially for activities requiring quick change of direction and balance. Proprioceptor developmental movements and postures build a foundation for future training.

Athletes need to learn and feel the proper technique for “foundation” exercises such as squats, push-ups, and planks before moving on to more dynamic compound movements. Therefore; it is important to help these kids develop static stability with balance positions on one foot and two, with arms still and moving. The next step involves developing dynamic balance with combinations of jumping, hopping, bounding and other locomotor movements.

Because success in most sports is based on the ability to move in multiple directions in a smooth and coordinated manner, young athletes must feel and learn various locomotion movements such as: running, jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping, side-stepping, carioca, leaping vertical jumping and landing, horizontal jumping and landing hopping with one foot and two feet side-to-side hopping body rolling.


Many kids and adolescents dislike continuous endurance exercise and find it boring. Interval training is important and can be much more fun if incorporated into a game. An added bonus of interval training is that most sports are either anaerobic in nature or have a “fast/slow” component.

When training a young athlete, we don’t rely on the standard interval training found in adult fitness classes. Instead, we focus on tag, running, skipping, hopping, galloping, side-stepping, carioca and leaping relay races. An example that’s appropriate for most sports is a fitness relay where the athletes sprint 20 yards, perform an exercise for 10– 30 seconds, and sprint back. Then they rest and repeat the sequence. We tailor drills to suit the sport.

Youth Training
Youth Training


Once the foundation is properly set it’s appropriate to add load. Resistance training does not necessarily mean “weight training.” Start with basic body weight training and very specific instructions.

Next progress to medicine balls, and then weights. With this strong foundation, we then move on to drills that are more specific to the young athlete’s sport of choice, pulling from her/his new found strength and body awareness.

An advantage of body weight training is the visual reinforcement and quick feedback athletes receive when they see and feel they can do more repetitions as the weeks go by.

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