Youth Personal Training

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youth personal training

Personal Training for Teenager Palo Alto Fit

Youth Personal Training

Palo Alto Fit’s integrated youth sports performance program is available for youth starting at age 6 to 17. Just like our adult programs, each young client starts with an assessment. The assessment informs an individualized program that addresses areas of weakness and builds on strengths and goals for each individual whether it be an improvement for a favorite sport or general physical fitness and lifestyle change.

Many youth clients come to us seeking guidance to get ready for a better lifestyle before entering college. They want to learn how to lift weights, eat healthy, proper training techniques and improve confidence.

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Basic Movement Development

Before young athletes start resistance training, they should have basic movement skills and posture mechanics. These movement patterns are especially important for activities requiring quick changes of direction and balance. Young athletes will learn to feel the proper technique for foundation exercises such as squats, push-ups, and planks before graduating on to more dynamic compound movements.

personal training for teenager palo alto fit

Resistance Training

Once the proper foundation is set it’s appropriate to add resistance to youth training. Resistance training does not always mean “weight training.” It starts with bodyweight resistance, progresses to medicine balls, and eventually weights. Drills are designed specifically for young athletes’ sports choices if they have one.

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Fun & Functional Youth Training

Interval training is important and can be much more fun if incorporated into a game. We focus on tag, running, jumping, skipping, hopping, side-stepping, carioca, and leaping relay races. An example that’s appropriate for most sports is a fitness relay where the athletes sprint 20 yards, perform an exercise for 10– 30 seconds, and sprint back. We tailor drills to suit the sport and make a game of it.

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Personal Training for Teenager

Integrated Sports Training

Our professional trainers help maximize youth athletes’ strength, speed, power, and agility. In addition, they’ll evaluate and make recommendations for improved diet and hydration to help enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Our integrated sports performance programming is available for athletes of all ages and skill levels.